Shaklee Distributor talks about joint pain.

Shaklee Distributor talks about joint pain and how to have better joint health.
Many of us are faced with fading ability to use our joints as fully as we once did.  Sometimes the stress placed on our bones and joints from daily activities and strenuous exercise cause inflammation, pain and limited mobility in our joints.
Monitoring our exercise (and lack thereof) is important to maintaining healthy, functional joints and avoiding joint pain. 

As evidenced to the left, the stressed joint shows
1) Weak and fragile cartilage.
2) Broken down connective tissue
3) Friction occurs between bones, which signals the release of cartilage-attacking chemicals, resulting in discomfort and limited mobility.



The healthy joint displays:
1) Improved cushioning which allows for more freedom of movement
2) Healthy connective tissue that gives strength and structure to the joint
3) Harmful chemicals are inhibited by Boswellia extract allowing for more comfort and speedy return to pain-free activity.

Many nutrients can help with joint pain.  Shaklee Corporation as produced an Advanced Joint Health Complex that works in a little as five days to restore joint health and decrease joint pain. 

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