Deteriorating Health

Sometimes we find ourselves in a state of deteriorating health. How does that happen? How did I get there? What can I do about deteriorating health?

Many people in their 20 are ready to take the world by storm. Nothing can hold them back.

In their 30’s they are focusing on their careers. They are establishing themselves in their chosen industry.

At forty, life begins to slow down a bit and they become more settled in their lives.  The income has been set and they are  comfortable with their lifestyle as a whole.

But have you ever seen those memes that says all is rocking along just fine but at 50 that “check engine” light comes on?

That little alert may be a realization that the hair is thinning or falling out. It may be stiff joints or an inability to climb stairs.  What about too much weight in the middle? Or worse yet, bad report numbers after the annual physical?

These are the people I specialize in helping. Those who are facing a downfall in health status, deteriorating health,  and are not quite ready to give in easily to the aging process.  Many tend to depend solely on what the doctor or physician’s assistant tells them to do.    I find it important to do some research and explore alternative pathways to solve a health problem.

Please understand that I have and use doctors and other medical professionals.  They are trained in their particular field of study and practice. However, their recommendations and procedures may not be the best or most appropriate option for you.

If you know someone who is at or approaching the half-century mark with some warning lights flashing on their dashboard of health I can be of help and guidance.  Send them to me and I will coach them on a path to wellness and self-care.

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