Benefits of eating well


🔬Dr. Erin Barrett, a scientist at Shaklee, put together this list of just SOME of the ways food has a direct impact on you:

  • Mental health: Specific nutrients, such as antioxidants in fruits and veggies and omega-3 fatty acids in fish, support your mental well-being.
  • Energy levels: Your body breaks down foods for fuel. Balanced meals and healthy snacks help you have steady energy.
  • Brain function: Certain foods, especially those rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients, support cognitive function.
  • Digestion: Fiber-rich foods (e.g., fruits, veggies, whole grains) aid digestion and help prevent GI issues like constipation. Probiotics found in yogurt and fermented foods promote a healthy gut.
  • Weight: A balanced diet helps support a healthy weight (which also supports your overall health).
  • Immune function: A well-balanced diet helps provide multiple nutrients that are essential to your body’s ability to fight off invaders.
  • Heart health: A diet rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids supports heart health. A high intake of saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium can contribute to heart disease.
  • Bone strength: Calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium are essential. A diet lacking these nutrients can increase the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures.
  • Skin: Nutrients like vitamins A, C, E, biotin, and zinc contribute to glowing skin. Antioxidants from fruits and veggies also support your skin health.

Whew! Few things affect your whole being as much as food does.

Ask for our recipe book for healthy recipes!  We are here to help.

Coaching people to a better life.

Gym workout success

Picture this, even if you don’t do it.  We are searching for gym workout success.

You go to the gym. You may have been going for months, maybe years.  It is January.  As you look around you see a lot of new people in the gym.  They are filling the cardio equipment and many of them are wandering around the equipment trying to figure out how to use them and what they are for.   I call these people the “NewYearsResolutionites”.  Have no worries. They will most likely be gone by the middle of March.

What these “NewYearsResolutionites” don’t realize that the results they are seeking are made “in the kitchen”.  This means that working out alone will not deliver the goal of weight loss or muscle toning or gain.  The workout is important, but the fuel for the results is equally or more important.  What one eats before, during and after the workout or exercise puts the body in a position to move toward success.

That is what I do.  I help my clients feed their body in such a way that theyRunning legs with the word CONFIDENCE Gym Workout Success can experience the most from their workouts or exercise.   I can help create a plan that fits that person and build more confidence in their own process.

Reach out if you know someone who wants to have body success in this new year, especially with their gym workout success.

Be well. Perform well. Stay well.


Fad Diets are fake news

Fad diets are easy . They are all over the Internet and TV. Take for instance the Grammy diet. One singer drank lemon juice with cayenne pepper and molasses 6 times a day to fit into that Grammy dress. There are many other diets available that quite frankly do reduce weight. However the weight they reduce is typically muscle weight which is not what we want in a diet. When we lose muscle mass we lose a part of our metabolism. This muscle metabolism burns more calories and when it is slowed down fewer calories are burned . That makes it harder to reduce weightNot a good way to get thinner and to even maintain a proper weight.

In a typical diet or fad diet the body breaks down muscle tissue to feed the body. It allows fat to stay in tact and thereby decreases muscle tone throughout the body . I don’t know anyone who wants to decrease their muscle tone.

So the best thing to do is to get an eating plan that nourishes the body, supports metabolism and helps to lose weight while maintaining energy levels.   This type of diet can be hard to find especially since there are so many out there that do harm rather than benefit the body. It’s a much better plan to learn how to eat properly on a well balanced diet full of variety.

When you are looking to reduce weight, build muscle or even maintain muscle tone a simple eating plan is necessary. And sometimes30 Day Challenge delivered to your door. our body is not prepared for a diet or weight reduction. This is where a good, healthy cleanse can ready the body for a change in eating habits. Note that I said “healthy cleanse”. That is exactly what you get with the 30 Day Prove It Challenge.

The Shaklee 7 Day Healthy Cleanse is about preparing your body for good nutrition and good weight loss, if you want to drop a few pounds. The cleanse is free with the 30 Day Prove It Challenge, or you may purchase it separately. Learn more by clicking one of the links in this article.

All you need to cleanse your body and get to a better health status: weight managment, better sleep, better digestion.




Remedy for Muscle Spasms and Cramps

I have a massage client in his mid-sixties.  He loves to swim at the gym.  He often complains of cramps or muscle spasms.  What most people do not realize is that you can sweat in the winter. You do sweat even when you are swimming.  Sweating can cause your electrolyte balance to be effected.

Low Calorie Electrolyte Drink for Muscle Spasms and CrampsI gave him a packet of Shaklee’s Performance Low Calorie Electrolyte Drink. I instructed him to pour it into a bottle of water before going to the gym to swim. Voila!  No cramping!  No cramping means better workouts and probably more workouts.

Working out, especially weight-bearing exercise is increasingly important as we age.  Muscle is lost each year after age 40. So being able to continue to be active and working out is crucial for long-term health and mobility. When muscle spasms or cramps occur, the motivation to work out becomes less and less.

That is why it is important to maintain good nutrition to fuel the workouts and to recover and rebuild muscle after the workouts.  As they say, “you don’t move it, you lose it.”   And they say that “motion is lotion.”  Keep moving.

Earth Day Action Every Day Participation

Earth Day is approaching. It means more than going out and buying a roll of “earth friendly” toilet paper.  It is using the recycle bin every day.  It involves using products that are grown, harvested and produced in a way that is not causing stress on the earth. Earth friendly products are brought to us with methods that actually enhance the health of our planet.

The Shaklee Corporation was the very first company to be certified as Climate Neutral by reducing our carbon emissions to zero.

What to do for Earth Day?

Reduce your personal chemical load.

For your body, ask about our 5 x 5 Reset program to detox harmful chemicals out.   It only takes 5 days to  reset your body and start your Earth Day participation from the inside out.

For the environment, order the Get Clean Starter Kit. This kit is highly concentrated and very effective at cleaning your home from the kitchen to the laundry to the bathroom-and all other rooms and areas in between.  The actual retail value of conventional products from the local big box store that will do this much cleaning is $3400.00.  Click the pictures below and you will see the cost of this kit which is so appropriate for Earth Day.

This is SO worth it. For you and for Earth Day Actions Every Day Participation. An array of products for the whole house and beyond.