On Site Massage and Corporate Massage

Massage at corporate events is well-received and appreciated. Employees experience relaxation and are eager for their turn.

On site massage is becoming more and more popular in corporate, business settings. It is viewed as a way to reward employees for a job well done or to encourage more productivity. As an alternative to small cash bonuses or a tangible award like a cup cake or flower in a vase, on site massage is a more personal and memorable experience.

On site massage--better than a cupcake!
A quiet place is best so that chair massage recipients can fully relax and as the sign says, “Breathe”.

On site massage is done fully clothed on either a specialized chair or a portable massage table when space allows. Generally 10 to 20 minutes in duration, on site massage can be as short as 5 minutes and as long as 30 minutes. Work on the back, neck and arms is often included in corporate massage. When the session is 15 minutes or longer more detailed and concentrated work can be done.

Plan the date a couple of weeks ahead of your corporate event.  Dallas Health Helpers Massage can also provide a sign-up sheet with time slots so that participants can arrive at the massage location in time for their appointment.

Corporate and On-Site massage can also be done on a massage table, allowing deeper relaxation.

More concentrated work can be done on the table and the participate can quickly return to work refreshed and rejuvenated.

Venue Requirements: 

  • A small room, allowing for ample space and quiet for participants
  • An open space/hallway can be used if needed
  • Small trash can
  • Electric outlet for music
  • Table for sign in sheet


$90 per hour per therapist

Preferred payment is by check but credit cards and phone apps are accepted.

If each individual participant is paying, the fee is $15 for each 10 minute segment.  Cash, credit cards and phone apps are accepted.

Chair massage is a well-appreciated method to demonstrate to employees that their efforts are valued. Generally a tangible gift is often used to appreciate employees, while the massage experience leaves a lasting impression on the participant while benefiting their well-being. It is a win-win opportunity for the business and employees.