wellness account deposits

Many Americans do not have a decent savings account.  Even more do not invest on a regular basis. They will go into retirement in a bad financial state, depending on others.  The same is true for physical health. They are not making wellness account deposits.

Many Americans are in poor health. Many are not “investing” in their wellness account.  As time goes by, they are approaching a possible accident or serious illness.  It would have been better for them to have up some effort (wellness account deposits) into their wellbeing so that the body could have fought off the effects of a sudden accident or illness.

For example, take someone who has spent their wellness dollars on cigarettes  and fast food full of fats, sugar and empty calories. One person who followed that spending pattern has wound up at 72 years of age as a diabetic with other health issues being basically homebound.  Had she diverted the money that went to bad habits to healthy food and supplements, (making wellness account deposits) she would have a much better retirement. She could be playing with her great grandson and enjoying life.

Being with Shaklee for over 31 years, I have seen many people decline in health unnecessarily.  My mother Invest in your health today.is an exception.  At 90 years of age, she has lost almost all her memory, short term and long term.  HOWEVER, she can walk around, take care of her daily hygiene and play dominoes.  She is on ZERO medications.  She has been on a good plan of investing in her wellness account by taking Shaklee supplements and proteins for over 28 years.

I specialize in helping people proactively invest in their wellness account-their physical body.  This good habit can start in our teenage years and it is not too late to begin in our 50’s and 60’s.   It can be a very simple process that can lead to beneficial results for the long term.

If you know someone who has expressed an interest in a healthy retirement, here is a good place to start:    https://meology.shaklee.com/adult/assessment?sponsorId=qGmw7evBqWbrkq9CZUUR5g%3D%3D&pwsName=healthhelpers  It is a short online health assessment that will render suggestions on the supplements that are right for each individual.

It will be one of the best steps one can take toward better health and a happier life.

Have a question?  Please reach out to me.

Enjoy your day.

Tim Wallace

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