Green is cheaper

Does it make sense that going green is cheaper? When you think about using eco-safe products what comes to mind first?  You are not alone if you thing that using more earth-friendly products is more expensive than conventional cleaning products.

There is a way to see that green is cheaper.  Think about the cleaning products you buy at the store. They are usually Red Aztec Lilly. Beauty from nature that is treated well. Green is cheaperpackaged in a plastic bottle.  They are formulated to use as is, meaning you don’t have to add water because it is already diluted with water from the manufacturer.  Once you have used the product you will toss the bottle into a recycling bin (hopefully) or into the trash (sadly).  What you have just paid for is water from the factory that was shipped at great expense.  You have just paid for and disposed of another plastic container that has to be delt with either by disposal or recycling.

When you purchase Mrs. Mey..’s or 7th Gen******* products  you are getting biodegradable and non-toxic products.  You are also getting water and a new plastic bottle each time.  That is not maximizing your efforts to going green.  It is also not helping you have a smaller carbon footprint.

Consider using a concentrated cleaning product that is biodegradable and has no scent or harmful chemicals; one that is sustainably sourced.  There is only one bottle that would be used for up to 2 years in a normal Green is cheaper when you use Shaklee Productshousehold.  You have about 3 spray bottles that you use over and over during these 2 years.  How many bottles have you saved the landfill or recycling center from having to deal with? Quite a few I would guess.   You are also paying only one shipping fee instead of going to the store over and over and hoping you remember to buy the products.

Make life easy. Make going green cheaper.  Use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners for your home.  Its better for you, your pets, your home and your earth.

Earth Day Action Every Day Participation

Earth Day is approaching. It means more than going out and buying a roll of “earth friendly” toilet paper.  It is using the recycle bin every day.  It involves using products that are grown, harvested and produced in a way that is not causing stress on the earth. Earth friendly products are brought to us with methods that actually enhance the health of our planet.

The Shaklee Corporation was the very first company to be certified as Climate Neutral by reducing our carbon emissions to zero.

What to do for Earth Day?

Reduce your personal chemical load.

For your body, ask about our 5 x 5 Reset program to detox harmful chemicals out.   It only takes 5 days to  reset your body and start your Earth Day participation from the inside out.

For the environment, order the Get Clean Starter Kit. This kit is highly concentrated and very effective at cleaning your home from the kitchen to the laundry to the bathroom-and all other rooms and areas in between.  The actual retail value of conventional products from the local big box store that will do this much cleaning is $3400.00.  Click the pictures below and you will see the cost of this kit which is so appropriate for Earth Day.

This is SO worth it. For you and for Earth Day Actions Every Day Participation. An array of products for the whole house and beyond.

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee distributor in Dallas, wonders what can we do for earth day.

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee distributor in Dallas, wonders what can we do for earth day.


Each year at this time, Earth Day rolls around and many of us have great aspirations to do things to help conserve our natural resources like water and trees and grass and icebergs and rainforests and oceans.   But often we feel that what we are doing is not enough.  After all, what does 3 minutes of running water while we brush our teeth do to harm the planet.  It’s just clear water, right?

It is “just clear water”, but what did it take to make it clear and safe for human consumption?  Think about how many toxins have found their way into our water and the cost of removing them (or most of them!).  If we are running water unnecessarily it will go back eventually into the water supply, be exposed again to the toxins and have to be “purified” again for safe use.  It turns into a vicious cycle that costs your local municipality more and more each go around.

  • Step 1 is to cut your water use as much and as often as possible. You know the drill: shorter showers, fewer and larger loads of laundry, conservative lawn irrigation.
  • Step 2 is to cut your pollution into the water supply.  This may be in the form of over fertilizing your lawn where the excess goes through the gutter system back into the water system.  It may be in the form of the products you use to clean your home.  It has been said more than once that the pollution coming from households is far greater than the obvious pollutions coming from industry.
  • Step 3 is to plan ahead.  Making certain that all your family knows actions that will cut your water usage and what pollutes the water.  Water for your teeth, body, clothes and lawn should be used judiciously by all members of your household.


Regarding Step 2, consider using earth-friendly, green products in your home.  I highly recommend Shaklee’s Get Clean products.  They are excellent green products and the cost is less than conventional cleaners, even with the shipping. They are so concentrated you will be using your first bottle or box for a very long time.  You can buy a smart Starter Kit or individual items.


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Shaklee distributor in Dallas talks about the nutrition density of food.

Shaklee distributor in Dallas talks about the nutrition density of food.

Information from the FDA indicates that the nutritional values of our food has declined by 38% since 1950.  So for sixty years, the nutrition we think we are getting just isn’t there.  Much of this is due to the farming methods now used in America.

If you think about it, we are trying to feed more and more people from the same amount of farm land or less.  What is happening is a change in practices to force more crops, while not maintaining the nutritional levels of the food grown.

The soils have been depleted because year after year the same crop is grown and sometimes there is a second planting of the crop during a year’s time. Most farmers (and most farmers are large conglomerates) don’t want their fields to lay fallow, so they optimize their yield by replanting as soon as possible.  Do not even get me started on the genetically modified organisms (GMO) that are now being used to produce crops that can survive the onslaught of dangerous Monsanto Round-up herbicides.

Other factors effecting our food’s nutrient levels are harvest time, shipping and storage.  Because we want all foods to be available all year round, they must be harvested, shipped and stored away until the demand is there for them.  The harvesting is often done prior to the crop reaching its nutritional peak.  It starts out with a deficiency then is shipped, packaged and storage is sub-optimal.  Often times the storage is not conducive to continued nutritional development.  Generally it is quite the contrary.

So think about this the next time you are buying groceries.  Trying to buy organic is a great idea, but still the bang for your buck is lacking-38% less than what it was 60 years ago.

While meal planners try to get you on a great eating program, there just is not way to get all you need in even good healthy food choices.  All this is my argument for nutritional supplements.  So, my recommendation is to supplement your food intake with well-researched, impeccably-manufactured and rigorously-tested vitamins.  My company of choice is Shaklee.

Dallas Health Helpers is a Shaklee Distributor in Dallas.  We are dedicated to the health and well-being of all and we advocate the use of safe alternatives.  One should avoid use of drugs and drastic programs that can cause problems now and in the future.  For more information go to our web site at or call 214.871.9596.  Be well, Stay well.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas shares the dangers of stress.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas shares the dangers of stress.

Most every one of us has stated at one time or another that we are stressed.It can even become a mantra that we say just out of habit. We live our daily lives and things do not always go our way.Too many things come our way at once.We just don’t cope with our everyday lives very well.Emotional events and situations begin to get the best of us and our bodies react.

There are times of good stress, like an upcoming wedding and there is happy stress.There is also the beneficial stress of physical activity.But in general, we Americans harbor the detrimental stresses of life without taking steps to alleviate it, allowing the ill effects to cause dysfunctions in our bodies.

Did you know that stress can make you fat?It is true.During periods of stress, the body produces a hormone called cortisol.Cortisol helps to regulation metabolic processes, it has anti-inflammatory properties and it can also be suppressive to the immune system.

When there is an overproduction of cortisol, the metabolism is affected in a negative way, causing the body to store more fat cells, particularly in the midsection of the body.How many highly stressed executives have you noticed have a large, protruding belly?

The other thing about stressed people is that they often have poor eating habits.Long days with hurried activities and looming deadlines don’t predispose one to taking time for a nice, relaxing, rejuvenating lunch. Breakfast is often eaten on the run in a dash to get the day started.Then there are dinners with clients and business associates.These are generally not the light, nutritious meals that will allow one to sleep well.

It is important to manage stress in order to keep the body working at its best as long as possible.Some things to help curtail the effects of stress are to get more exercise, like taking the stairs or going for a short walk.Get a massage from a professional massage therapist.Eat more sensibly and make sure you get protein in the morning.If you feel that you need something to help calm you down a bit, try Shaklee’s all natural Stress Relief Complex.

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