Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, Dallas Health Helpers, talks about immune system health.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, Dallas Health Helpers, talks about immune system health.

When the immune system is mentioned, often peoples’ minds go to extremes, thinking of AIDS or some other devastating condition.  Many immune system disorders are life-changing or life-threatening.  But everyone should be concerned about maintaining a healthy, strong system of defense against invaders to the body.

Your immune system is at work 24/7 to guard against foreign intruders to your body so that you don’t get sick.  This activity can help keep you from getting the sniffles, a cold or a more debilitating condition such as the flu or even hepatitis.

With the immune system up and running strong, these invaders are stopped before they can get a foothold on your cells and begin to destroy them and make you sick.  There are cells that run reconnaissance missions looking for the intruders.  There are immune system cells that take the information from the others and create antibodies to kill them off.   There are immune system cells that simply “eat” the invaders on site, inGet Healthy a search and destroy mission. These are only a few of the activities that the immune system does.


We also have to be aware of some things that can impact the system’s ability to do its job.




            Nutrition levels

            Healthy activity levels

Obviously, we cannot do anything about our age, but the others are lifestyle related and we can take actions in those areas that will help to build up our immune systems and fight off illness more effectively.  De-stressing your life and getting plenty of sleep are very important.  Taking time for an effective amount of exercise without going to the extremes is key to keeping your defense mechanisms mobile.  Getting enough of the right nutrition is a challenge, but can be done with supplementation when eating right is not happening.  The good news is that all these changes or adaptations to our lifestyles have many side benefits.  Targeting your immune system will help you to enjoy better health in other areas of your life.  Just pay attention to your body and notice the improvements.

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