Being consistent is key in all aspects of life.

What you do every now and then doesn’t count.  What matters is what you do every day. It’s about being consistent.

What aspect of this do you think this is true of for you?

One guy is consistent at walking every morning, sometimes at 5 a.m. He’s being consistent.

Another guy shows up at our networking meeting every week with printed rosters for everyone. He’s being consistent.

Someone else is at church every Sunday. That’s being consistent.

The compound effect

There is a book called The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy. (find it on Amazon)  It discusses the importance of how being consistent with a habit can have huge impact on our lives.  And these can be good or bad.  It seems that repeated actions will seem to have little if any effect for a period of time. Then suddenly there is a big, exponential growth noticed.

As I said, this habit can be good or bad.  How does one become obese? There’s no sudden need to eat a whole pie after dinner each night.  It starts slowly and then suddenly they are buying double XL T shirts.  Their overeating became a habit and the weight mushroomed into an unhealthy state.

I do pride myself in being consistent.

  • If you sit near me here at the Tuesday morning networking meetings, you will see that I am consistent at taking my daily strip of vitamins.
  • You will find me at the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:15 a.m.
  • I drink a glass of water first thing every morning.
  • I floss my teeth every day.  I am being consistent.

Why is this important?

Health habits are very important to maintaining our lifestyle.  As time progresses, we are no longer able to stand without a groan, sprint across the street or keep up with a friend on a walk.  Vacations become more sedentary as one cannot walk or climb as much as when they were younger.

I encourage my massage clients and my customers to look at what their health habits have become and those they may want to incorporate into their routines.


While we are very consistent with our breathing, we are not always in control of how we breathe. It is usually pretty shallow.   How do we develop a habit of breathing deeper, longer breaths?

We can take that power and control back. Here is an exercise to help improve your breathing that can add stamina to your day, help you relax more and improve your sleep.

Sit comfortably with your hands in your lap.  Take note of your breathing. Are you breathing into your throat?  Your chest?  Your lower abdomen?

Use a balloon to be consistent in improving your breathingTo help you be more conscious of the depth of your breathing, get an ordinary balloon.

Blow into the balloon and quietly let the air out of the balloon. Where did your effort to blow up the balloon come from?

Blow into the balloon again and make an effort to use your lower abdomen to push the air into the balloon.  Empty as much air as you can into the balloon.  Release the air from the balloon.

Repeat this procedure a few more times.  Slow down if you get light headed. This may be something you need to work up to.

Using your powers of consistency, do this on a daily basis.  You will notice an easier process of breathing.  Be aware if you have increased stamina.  What is happening with your sleep after being consistent with this for a period of time?

Moving forward

Think about your health habits.  Commit to one new habit that you will take on for the next 30 days. I feel certain that the compound effect will happen for you.

give your body a pause with 5 x 5 Reset detox

The need for a detox

We often eat the wrong things. And we often do that for way too long.  This can lead to build up of toxins and other unwanted, dangerous substances in the digestion tract. These substances can even find their way into individual cells. This “infiltration” of undesirable elements can create the need for a good, thorough detox.

At this point, many people decide to do something drastic about undesirable symptoms:

  • bloated stomach,
  • sluggish digestion,
  • low energy and
  • poor sleep quality

Often that “something” is a harsh detox program that is difficult to adhere to and feel good about. Some detox programs can be damaging to normal body functions, such as metabolism.

Detox Solution

Contact this blogger for information on the 5 x 5 reset alternative.e Detox.
An alternate Detox program

A safe way to reset the body is with the 5 x 5 Reset program.  This is a 5 day cleanse that is easy to follow and it lasts for only 5 days.  Participants report more energy, lost cravings, weight loss and/or inch loss and better digestion and higher rest quality.  With added support from a closed Facebook group, the system keeps those “reseter participants” engaged and motivated to do their best, follow the guidelines and share their experience.

After the 5 days, there is an opportunity to maintain momentum and go forward with a transition program.   Interested parties should contact this blogger for details because it will make a long term difference in health and vitality.

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee distributor in Dallas, wonders what can we do for earth day.

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee distributor in Dallas, wonders what can we do for earth day.


Each year at this time, Earth Day rolls around and many of us have great aspirations to do things to help conserve our natural resources like water and trees and grass and icebergs and rainforests and oceans.   But often we feel that what we are doing is not enough.  After all, what does 3 minutes of running water while we brush our teeth do to harm the planet.  It’s just clear water, right?

It is “just clear water”, but what did it take to make it clear and safe for human consumption?  Think about how many toxins have found their way into our water and the cost of removing them (or most of them!).  If we are running water unnecessarily it will go back eventually into the water supply, be exposed again to the toxins and have to be “purified” again for safe use.  It turns into a vicious cycle that costs your local municipality more and more each go around.

  • Step 1 is to cut your water use as much and as often as possible. You know the drill: shorter showers, fewer and larger loads of laundry, conservative lawn irrigation.
  • Step 2 is to cut your pollution into the water supply.  This may be in the form of over fertilizing your lawn where the excess goes through the gutter system back into the water system.  It may be in the form of the products you use to clean your home.  It has been said more than once that the pollution coming from households is far greater than the obvious pollutions coming from industry.
  • Step 3 is to plan ahead.  Making certain that all your family knows actions that will cut your water usage and what pollutes the water.  Water for your teeth, body, clothes and lawn should be used judiciously by all members of your household.


Regarding Step 2, consider using earth-friendly, green products in your home.  I highly recommend Shaklee’s Get Clean products.  They are excellent green products and the cost is less than conventional cleaners, even with the shipping. They are so concentrated you will be using your first bottle or box for a very long time.  You can buy a smart Starter Kit or individual items.


Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee Distributor in Dallas is about being healthy without drugs or synthetics. Call 214  252  9596 or email us  at Tim at Dallas Health Helpers dot com  to learn more about vitality and health.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas warns of omega-3 fish oil supplement impurities.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas warns of omega-3 fish oil supplement impurities.

An exhibitor at a trade show in New Jersey was removed from the premises because they were displaying test results of toxicity levels in very popular brands of Omega-3 fish oil supplements.The exhibitor was concerned about the levels of toxic PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) found in the pills that were heavily marketed to consumers.These consumers included vulnerable pregnant women and children.One of the major effects caused by PCBs is liver damage.

The company has a lawsuit underway against some big name Omega-3 producers. The suit was filed against eight fish oil supplement makers and retailers for failing to warn the end consumers about the PCB contamination.Most of the industry maintains that their products are save, all the while refusing to release toxicity test results to consumers.

Omega-3 fish oil supplements are very important to many aspects of human health.The big problem is that the supplements are hard to produce in a very clean, pure and effective form.Many companies’ literature espouses the purity of their product, but don’t offer the backup data for proof.Besides PCB’s, lead and mercury are also often very present in the end product.

Shaklee Corporation is an exception. Their Omega-3 product, called OmegaGuard, is produced under the strictest of standards.Theirs is a three step process of distillation that utilizes low temperatures and maintains the integrity and potency of the fish oil.

When you decide that omega-3 supplementation is needed for yourself, check out Shaklee’s OmegaGuard.You can rest assured you are getting safe, pure product with no worries of toxic contamination.

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee Distributor in Dallas is about being healthy without drugs or synthetics. Call 214.252.9596 or email us at TIM at DALLASHEALTHHELPERS dot COM to learn more about your vitality and health.

Shaklee distributor in Dallas relates the detoxing benefits of dietary fiber.

Shaklee distributor in Dallas relates the detoxing benefits of dietary fiber.
Most of us know we need fiber in our diet. There is soluble fiber and non-soluble fiber. When the toxins are released from our cells into the blood they are carried to the liver for removal from the body. The liver removes the toxins from the blood and sends them to the intestine in what is called bile. Hopefully at this point, we have enough soluble fiber in our system to carry the bile and unwanted toxins out of our bodies. If there is no soluble fiber, the toxins get reabsorbed back into the blood and re-circulate through our system requiring another cycle through the liver detoxification process.
This can cause a buildup of unwanted material in the system causing the body to be increasingly toxic.  The overload of toxic material can lead to many inflammatory diseases such as intestinal inflammation, skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis and gallbladder disease.

When there is adequate soluble fiber in the digestive system, the toxin-laden bile attaches to this fiber and is eliminated from the body.  When this happens, the liver must create more bile.  Because cholesterol is a component of bile, it is drawn from the blood stream for this process to happen.  This is beneficial because the blood levels of cholesterol are lowered in the process.

Fiber supplementation is important because most Americans do not eat the recommended 5 to 9 vegetables and fruits each day.  There are many on the market, but the one I use and recommend is Shaklee’s Fiber Plan.   There is also a meal replacement that is rich in soluble fiber as well.  It is called Cinch Shakes and is a well-balanced health drink that is low in calories, fat and carbohydrates, yet high in fiber. 
If you’d like to read more about dietary fiber, email me at

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee Distributor in Dallas is about being healthy without drugs or synthetics. Call 214.871.9596 or email us to learn more about vitality and health.