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“Customer A” is a 70ish nutrition customer of mine.  She has some health issues and is on a broad spectrum of nutritional supplements.  She had to have a hip replacement to be followed by a knee replacement, per doctors recommendations.

As per norm, the doctors asked for a complete list of vitamins and supplements she is taking.  We got that list together and submitted it. Her medical practitioner  told her to cease all supplements 2 weeks prior to surgery. ( I would not do that, if it were me.  Just saying.)


“Customer A” had the hip surgery and at post op she was instructed by her doctors to resume all her supplements except Turmeric and CoQ10 because of some issue with her heart. I don’t know the particulars on that, but I am so pleased that her doctors told her to take her Shaklee supplements and protein.

Read that again:  Her doctors told her to resume taking her Shaklee supplements.

That is big. Most medical professionals don’t want to encourage supplement use.  I know there are other reasons, but I think their reluctance to recommend nutritional supplementation is that they don’t have time to do the research and they were not well-trained on nutrition and health in their rigorous medical school training. Should we always follow doctors recommendations?

I am more concerned about well care than sick care.  Take care of yourself while you are well instead of relying on others to get you out of a sickness or disease.   As they say, “An ounce of prevention….”Medicine spoon: this shows that preventative measures outweigh curative actions.

Be well. Perform well. Stay well.

Turmeric potency varies among products

 What do apple slices have to do with turmeric?

You are a kid who loves apple slices. Each day you go to the local fruit stand and give him your dollar.  He gives you an apple slice and you are so happy. You are “Keeping the doctor away.(?)”

You go to visit your cousin who also loves apple slices. When you accompany him to his local vendor he gives the man a dollar and a half and the man gives him 19 apple slices.

How do you feel about your vendor and the apple slice you get? You are getting only 5% while your cousin is getting 95%.

From Apples to Turmeric


You see, this is like turmeric.  If one is taking turmeric from the grocery store spice aisle, he or she is only getting about 5% curcumins, the active ingredient in turmeric root.  If he or she is taking Shaklee’s Turmeric Boost, they are getting 95% curcumins.  Shaklee is using a Standardized Extract of turmeric.  Standardized!  Understand how much more value and benefit is there in a standardized extract.  Standardized Turmeric extract is heads above Turmeric root.

Turmeric has been used for ages as a seasoning for food.  Many began to see the health benefits of this spicy root as well.  As with any food item, the nutritional value varies from product to product.  This orange may have many  times the vitamin C as that orange.  Growth and processing methods also affects the nutritional value of foods.

I only began using turmeric when Shaklee introduced Turmeric Boost.  After a short time, I noticed a big difference in a cranky hip.  It is so much better now that I am being consistent with my “curcumin” intake.

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You can buy this standardized product at Dallas Health Helpers

What is immune system being pushed to the limit as discussed by Dallas Health expert Tim Wallace.

What is immune system being pushed to the limit as discussed by Dallas Health expert Tim Wallace.

It is winter, 2013 and the influenza virus has hit with a vengeance.  People are reporting severe symptoms that last for up to two weeks.  Many I have talked with have had their symptoms degenerate into bronchitis.

So what is it that has some people get sick with the flu and others skate right through the season without a single symptom?  Why to some people get over the flu or colds very quickly and others suffer quite a long time?

the influenza virus, flu, Pathogens

I am feeling that it is the immune system that determines an individual’s resistance level to these pathogens.   Doing whatever we can to strengthen and support our body’s natural resistance mechanisms is key to maintaining a healthy life.  There are choices we make in life and lifestyle that help to dictate whether or not we get the flu.

Here are some examples:

  • Working late repetitively can cause your body’s energy and nutritional resources to be channeled away from internal activities that keep your immune system up and running, ready to fight off germs.
  • Sleeping fewer than your normal actually needed hours.  During sleep the body repairs itself in many ways.  One of those “rebooting” activities during sleep is your immune system.
  • Drinking excessive alcoholic beverages.  Some of the things that alcohol does is dehydrate the body, slow the body functions down and consume many of the nutrients needed to maintain good health.
  • Forgetting or neglecting to drink enough water.  Water is a natural detoxification agent.  When there is not enough water in the system, toxins build up, move around and begin to effect normal processes.  This causes an unnecessary alert to the immune system, drawing its resources away from fighting unavoidable pathogens.   Water also helps to keep functions working properly, even in non-flu seasons.
  •  Eating a poor diet, rich in simple carbohydrates causes a shortage of the nutrients to build immune system cells.  Breads, sweets, white rice and regular pasta are examples of simple carbohydrates.  Better choices are whole fruits and vegetables.  Eat a variety of them and eat the skins if possible.

These are a few of the bad habits that negatively impact the immune system and can determine if you are able to go to work everyday this winter or if you are going to using all that sick leave and some of your vacation.

Be well. Perform well. Stay well.    Dallas Health Helpers  Tim Wallace

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, Dallas Health Helpers, talks about immune system health.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, Dallas Health Helpers, talks about immune system health.

When the immune system is mentioned, often peoples’ minds go to extremes, thinking of AIDS or some other devastating condition.  Many immune system disorders are life-changing or life-threatening.  But everyone should be concerned about maintaining a healthy, strong system of defense against invaders to the body.

Your immune system is at work 24/7 to guard against foreign intruders to your body so that you don’t get sick.  This activity can help keep you from getting the sniffles, a cold or a more debilitating condition such as the flu or even hepatitis.

With the immune system up and running strong, these invaders are stopped before they can get a foothold on your cells and begin to destroy them and make you sick.  There are cells that run reconnaissance missions looking for the intruders.  There are immune system cells that take the information from the others and create antibodies to kill them off.   There are immune system cells that simply “eat” the invaders on site, inGet Healthy a search and destroy mission. These are only a few of the activities that the immune system does.


We also have to be aware of some things that can impact the system’s ability to do its job.




            Nutrition levels

            Healthy activity levels

Obviously, we cannot do anything about our age, but the others are lifestyle related and we can take actions in those areas that will help to build up our immune systems and fight off illness more effectively.  De-stressing your life and getting plenty of sleep are very important.  Taking time for an effective amount of exercise without going to the extremes is key to keeping your defense mechanisms mobile.  Getting enough of the right nutrition is a challenge, but can be done with supplementation when eating right is not happening.  The good news is that all these changes or adaptations to our lifestyles have many side benefits.  Targeting your immune system will help you to enjoy better health in other areas of your life.  Just pay attention to your body and notice the improvements.

Shaklee Corporation produces a couple of products that work directly with your immune system.   Click Get Healthyhere to learn about Nutriferon and Defend & Resist. Shaklee also offers a money back guarantee.  Try it here.

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Shaklee Distributor in Dallas discusses Soyfoods and Male Reproduction.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas discusses Soyfoods and Male Reproduction.

Many stories circulate about men and the side effects of eating soy foods.  The estrogen-like effects of health-building isoflavones have led to unfounded concerns that soyfoods may cause feminizing effects in men. However, a wealth of human data show these concerns to be without merit. Although two reports published in the scientific literature describe feminizing effects of soy in only two individuals, these men consumed as many as 14 to 20 servings per day.  Eating excessive amounts of nearly any food can be expected to have negative effects on one’s health.

Contrasting to these two reports, a comprehensive analysis of the data on human studies, which involved more than 30 individual studies, found that intake of neither soyfoods nor isoflavones affect levels of the male sex hormone, testosterone. In many of these studies, soy intake was far beyond what is typical for Asian men. The lack of this reduced testosterone effect is very reassuring.

Further, a recent review of nine studies found no effect on estrogen levels in men because of soy intake. Men in these studies consumed as much as six servings of soy per day. The clinical studies also show there is no effect of soy on sperm or semen. In contrast, there is one report describing a male with low sperm count whose sperm concentration normalized after 6 months of taking isoflavones. Thus, the evidence clearly shows that soyfoods do not exert feminizing effects.

The lesson here is to look at the studies and determine if they are legitimate.

Consider this about your soy supplement:

Is it made from non Genetically Modified Oganism.

Is the manufacturing process done without alcohol.

The brand I highly recommend is Shaklee.  It is guaranteed safe, pure and manufactured with green processes.  Order it here.

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