Shaklee Distributor in Dallas warns of holiday weight gain.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas warns of holiday weight gain.

The holidays are coming quickly and so are the plans for all the parties and meals.  So much of our social time centers around food and much of it is comfort food that is most often laden with fat and empty calories.

How we begin to think about and plan for the upcoming holidays is very important.  Is our focus more on the food than the actual close connections we make with people?  Do we spend more time planning what we are going to wear than how our eating habits come across?

It is a good idea to think ahead before giving or going to one of these gatherings.  After all good impressions are important and can deepen relationships.  Here are a few tips you have probably heard about or read before, but now is the time for a review:

Don’t go hungry.  Eat something before you go. A  protein shake will keep you satisfied for a longer period of time and you won’t be tempted to eat things you normally will avoid.  And by all means, do NOT skip meals so you can eat a lot at this event. Smart snacking during the day will keep your spirits up and your vulnerability at bay.

Drink water.  Water helps to keep the body hydrated well when thirst can be mistaken for hunger.  Often at parties, one feels the need to have a drink in hand.  Holding a glass of water with a lemon or lime slice in it can occupy your hands just as well as a high carbohydrate drink.

Concentrate on others.  Getting involved in what is going on with someone else will keep your mind off your nervousness or perceived hunger.  They will appreciate the attention, too.

These small “corrections” to your planning will take you into and through the holidays with a few tools that will keep you on track for better health come January 2.

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