Dallas Alternative Nutritional Supplement Source Tim Wallace of Dallas Health Helpers offers nutritional help when attending parties.

Dallas Alternative Nutritional Supplement Source Tim Wallace of Dallas Health Helpers offers nutritional help when attending parties.

The holidays are here.  That means gatherings of friends, family and coworkers. In the United Stages, gatherings typically do not happen without food and drink.  These are two things that seem to pull people together, make them more relaxed and engaging.

Generally, these festive foods are so tasty and we enjoy them so much.  Maybe that should be that we enjoy them too much.  One problem lies with the fare that is often loaded with sugar and fat.  We have heard the stories of sugar plum fairies.  Hosts and hostesses love to put out the prettiest, most decorative sweets to impress their guests. And because they are so enticing and so much effort has been put into them, a proper guest will have to have one. Or two. Or one of everything.

And fats are often abundant also.  Think of all the nice hors d’oeuvres that were cooked in butter, or worse yet oil. Then there is the ranch dip that some eaters think improves on everything.  I have even seen pepperoni pizza dipped in ranch dressing.  Even when raw vegetables are served there is a variety of dressings and dips that are laden with fats.  There is even hidden sugar and sodium in these dips.

Many people will actively plan to overeat and eat erroneously at these frequent parties.  “If I skip breakfast I can eat what I want at the party.”  Often what happens when a meal is skipped is that the missed nutrition and calories are compensated for throughout the day.  It is easier to eat ‘just a little something” in an attempt to stave off the hunger pangs.  That “just a little something” often is not the healthiest choice.  Remember that the plan was to not eat, so the likelihood that healthy snacks are available is very small.  It is usually a trip or two to the vending machine for candy or chips or crackers.  By party time the meal-skipper has eaten many more calories than would have been ingested at breakfast and with much lower nutritional levels.

The solution is to eat a good breakfast and a good lunch.  You will go to the party without that look on your face that no one should be between you and the food tables.  You will be more able to eat responsibly and pursue the actually reason for the gathering:  you will be able to socialize and connect with the other guests.

If you are concerned about getting a good breakfast and lunch in before the party, try a meal replacement shake to get you though the day.  Shaklee Corporation’s Cinch Shakes are a great way to get your protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals for a very low number of calories.

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