high food costs

Dollar signs in an orange circle.  Depicting the rising high food costsWe have all experienced the sharp increase in the high food costs these last three years. But in the past few decades the nutritional value of our food has decreased dramatically. Even when we select good foods we have to make very careful choices and pay more high food costs for a cleaner option. It does cost more to go organic. It does cost more to go non-GMO in our food choices. And it ishigh food costs can be mitigated with this clean food product that builds health  
more expensive to select meat products that do not contain growth hormones.

There is one food that can check all the boxes for eating clean and optimal nutrition. That food gives 20 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, 24 vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 fatty acids, ancient grains that provide prebiotics and it’s non-GMO. It also contains healthy digestive enzymes and it’s powered by leucine.

As a side note:

  • Prebiotics provide food for the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract.
  • Enzymes help with the overall digestion process.
  • Leucine is an amino acid that helps to preserve lean muscle mass.
  • The protein also contains all 9 essential amino acids, those your body cannot produce.

That is a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to selecting food. It’s difficult to get a food this clean and this nutritious in one serving.  So why wouldn’t you make this a selection for part of your daily food intake?

wellness account deposits

Many Americans do not have a decent savings account.  Even more do not invest on a regular basis. They will go into retirement in a bad financial state, depending on others.  The same is true for physical health. They are not making wellness account deposits.

Many Americans are in poor health. Many are not “investing” in their wellness account.  As time goes by, they are approaching a possible accident or serious illness.  It would have been better for them to have up some effort (wellness account deposits) into their wellbeing so that the body could have fought off the effects of a sudden accident or illness.

For example, take someone who has spent their wellness dollars on cigarettes  and fast food full of fats, sugar and empty calories. One person who followed that spending pattern has wound up at 72 years of age as a diabetic with other health issues being basically homebound.  Had she diverted the money that went to bad habits to healthy food and supplements, (making wellness account deposits) she would have a much better retirement. She could be playing with her great grandson and enjoying life.

Being with Shaklee for over 31 years, I have seen many people decline in health unnecessarily.  My mother Invest in your health today.is an exception.  At 90 years of age, she has lost almost all her memory, short term and long term.  HOWEVER, she can walk around, take care of her daily hygiene and play dominoes.  She is on ZERO medications.  She has been on a good plan of investing in her wellness account by taking Shaklee supplements and proteins for over 28 years.

I specialize in helping people proactively invest in their wellness account-their physical body.  This good habit can start in our teenage years and it is not too late to begin in our 50’s and 60’s.   It can be a very simple process that can lead to beneficial results for the long term.

If you know someone who has expressed an interest in a healthy retirement, here is a good place to start:    https://meology.shaklee.com/adult/assessment?sponsorId=qGmw7evBqWbrkq9CZUUR5g%3D%3D&pwsName=healthhelpers  It is a short online health assessment that will render suggestions on the supplements that are right for each individual.

It will be one of the best steps one can take toward better health and a happier life.

Have a question?  Please reach out to me.

Enjoy your day.

Tim Wallace

Gym workout success

Picture this, even if you don’t do it.  We are searching for gym workout success.

You go to the gym. You may have been going for months, maybe years.  It is January.  As you look around you see a lot of new people in the gym.  They are filling the cardio equipment and many of them are wandering around the equipment trying to figure out how to use them and what they are for.   I call these people the “NewYearsResolutionites”.  Have no worries. They will most likely be gone by the middle of March.

What these “NewYearsResolutionites” don’t realize that the results they are seeking are made “in the kitchen”.  This means that working out alone will not deliver the goal of weight loss or muscle toning or gain.  The workout is important, but the fuel for the results is equally or more important.  What one eats before, during and after the workout or exercise puts the body in a position to move toward success.

That is what I do.  I help my clients feed their body in such a way that theyRunning legs with the word CONFIDENCE Gym Workout Success can experience the most from their workouts or exercise.   I can help create a plan that fits that person and build more confidence in their own process.

Reach out if you know someone who wants to have body success in this new year, especially with their gym workout success.

Be well. Perform well. Stay well.


Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee Distributor in Dallas asks are your vitamin supplements safe?

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee Distributor in Dallas asks are your vitamin supplements safe?

In November, 2011, the FDA filed a permanent injunction against the manufacturer of vitamin supplements in Pennsylvania.

It seems the company had been in violation of the cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice.)  The company had been sited with two warning letters in 2004, one for labeling and/or promoting a dietary supplement that contained androstenedione as an ingredient, and the second for dietary supplements that are labeled to contain materials that are sources of ephedrine alkaloids.

In 2006, US marshals seized the company’s Lipodrene dietary supplements said to contain ephedrine alkaloids.  The company also failed to report serious, adverse events associated with their products. One individual who consumed their products reported high blood pressure spikes, hospitalization and a mild heart attack.  Just because a product is well advertised and marketed does not mean it is safe.

Users of Shaklee products, the company I proudly represent, can rest assured that each and every one of our products goes through a thorough testing regimen before it goes to market availability.  In fact, the average time span from idea to production for marketing is about 2 years for Shaklee products.

  • Shaklee makes sure the product is safe and that it works. Period.
  • Shaklee has never had a product removed from production because of safety issues.
  • Shaklee runs over 100,000 tests each year to maintain the safety and efficacy of our products.

Can you find another dietary supplement company who does that?  The next time you think to buy vitamin supplements, be certain you know that each and every ingredient in the product is safe and is delivered in safe amounts.

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee Distributor in Dallas is about being healthy without drugs or synthetics. Call 214   252   9596 or email us to learn more about vitality and health.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, Dallas Health Helpers, talks about Immune System Health.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, Dallas Health Helpers, talks about Immune System Health.

It is wintertime and people around us are getting sick in various ways.  Every day our bodies are under attack by microbes that exist in our surroundings with an unseen, unfelt, yet undeniable health threat. Our body’s built-in immune system is there to protect us whenever possible, but it’s often unable to function properly due to poor nutrition, stress, pollution, and fatigue.

NutriFeron is a powerful breakthrough in immune system science. It is a
patented, clinically proven blend of immune-strengthening plant extracts. Used
daily, it increases the production of your body’s natural interferon, a critical
activator of the immune system.

NutriFeron works at the cellular level in two ways:  It rapidly activates your
immune system’s defenses.  It mobilizes the immune system’s “search-and-
destroy” teams.

• NutriFeron is the only immunity supplement formulated by the discoverer of
natural interferon, after an exhaustive review of 200 natural compounds.
• Patented, clinically proven formula
• A natural way to keep your immune system finely tuned and on ready alert,
taking the defenses you already have and making them even better.
• Available exclusively through Shaklee, NutriFeron is a powerfully effective
supplement that has exceeded a stringent set of scientific tests for safety, purity,
potency, and clinical tests for performance.
• Star-K kosher certified

• Everyone over twelve years of age whose busy, stressful lifestyles place
their immune systems under constant attack
• Those who want to be proactive in optimizing their immune response against
environmental irritants and airborne pollutants.

The recommended serving of NutriFeron is two caplets daily. If pregnant or
nursing, please ask a health care professional.

Be well, Stay well.

Order NutriFeron Here.


Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee Distributor in Dallas is about being healthy without drugs or synthetics. Call 214.252.9596 or email us to learn more about vitality and health.