Uptown Dallas Massage Therapist recommends daily stretching.

Uptown Dallas Massage Therapist recommends daily stretching.  Flexibility is a part of being healthy and these simple guidelines will help even the novice feel good and effective when stretching.

Many people seem to find stretching to be a bore and a waste of time.  Besides, stretching may take some precious time out of the alloted exercise period.  However, stretching is so good for the body and mind, it may even enhance your workout.  Even if you are not on a regular exercise regime, a nice stretching session can actually improve your day.

The most effective time to stretch is generally in the morning.  A short, 10 to 15 minute routine will get the blood flowing and loosen up muscles that may have tightened up during the night.  Carving out that short period of time can pay back big dividends during the next few hours.  And done daily, the benefits will compound for you.

Often, when one begins a new exercise regime, the tendency is to over do it and go at the activity full force.  Stretching is best performed slowly and gently.  It is a process of allowing the muscles and tendons and ligaments to lengthen.   Forcing the soft tissue to lengthen too quickly is where the trouble can come from.   Compare your soft tissues to a rubber band.  If a rubber band is cold when you try to stretch it, it breaks more easily.  A rubber band that is warm will stretch more easily and possibly farther.  A cold muscle is much more prone to damage than a slightly warmed one.

Begin slowly and breathe comfortably.  Get yourself into a peaceful state of mind and let the stresses of the day, past or upcoming, drift away for this brief period of time.  Focus on your body and the calmness that resides deep inside you.  Once you’ve gotten your mind at ease, begin your stretching.

Stretching should feel good.  Forcing the muscles generally does not feel good.  Stay in your happy state of mind.  Whatever stretches you choose, listen to your body.  With stretching, less is better than a little bit more.   We all naturally, without conscious thought, stretch. Pets will stretch themselves and their movements can be easily immitated.  Try what a dog or cat does and see how it feels.

Expand your stretching thoughout your day; sitting at your desk, walking down the hall, sitting in the car at a redlight.  Do those innate moves that you do to make yourself feel better.  Just be aware that whatever you do to lengthen your muscles makes them feel better.

Again, don’t make stretching a big deal.  Just do what comes naturally and comfortably. Make sure you do it often.

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