Texas massage therapist talks about posture and it’s relationships to other areas of your life.

Texas massage therapist talks about posture and it’s relationships to other areas of your life.

How do you feel when you are sitting in a chair and are just relaxed?  Take a look at how you are sitting in the chair.  Are your legs crossed?  Are your arms crossed?  Is your whole back against the back of the chair, or is it just the upper back that is in contact with the chair?  What are your shoulders doing?  Are they resting low? Are they curled forward?  How about your head?  Is it set forward, in front of your chest?  Is it drooping foward or to one side?

I was sitting in church this morning and realized that when I correct my posture, I was more receptive to the message being offered.  I know this is true and have experienced it before, but today it really seemed to be so obvious.  I felt better overall when I “straightend up”. I could feel better bloodflow and I felt more alert.

I am sure a lot of this comes from my Pilates training.  My instructor is a real drill sergeant, but I appreciate her diligence at watching every move I make and every posture I am supposed to assume.  This proper positioning (or lack of it) really comes to light when I am doing Pilates on my own during the week between my sessions with her. 

I encourage each and every one of you to be aware of your posture.  It is so important in your current health and what you work on today (or don’t work on) will definitely show up in the future. Improper positioning or posture may feel more comfortable and forcing yourself to stand erect is often a challenge and may feel very awkward.  Think of it as a mini exercise to hold your head up, pull your shoulders back and down and contract those abdominals.

So, heed your mother’s words to “sit up straight.”  And eat your vegetables!

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