Shaklee Distributor in Dallas looks at a muscle retention study.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas looks at a muscle retention study.

With two-thirds of the United States population being overweight, it is no wonder that so many Americans are on a diet at any given time. It is a major concern for individuals as well as the national healthcare system.  Individually there are many conditions of poor and failing health that are directly related to being overweight and more so to being categorized as obese.  Nationally, the costs of caring for those who have fallen victim to the ravages of conditions that stem from carrying around too many pounds are skyrocketing.  The sad part of this is that the majority of these “conditions” are preventable.

We all know that.  That is why so many of us are trying to do the right thing and drop the weight.  The problem is most of the attempts to loose weight are met with failure.  Why?  Why do most diets fail and those who attempted them wind up with more weight than when they started?

Many of these failed attempts are due to a program that was incomplete and not scientifically sound.  How many people simply try to reduce their calorie intake?  Generally, these cuts in food intake are very drastic in the hopes of quick loss.  It is common that the food intake on these lo-cal programs is not meeting the nutritional requirements of the individual.

There are certain foods and nutrients that can be helpful in loosing weight and ensuring the proper kind of weight loss.  When weight loss diets are not properly balanced with nutrition, the weight that is lost comes from muscle, not fat.  The problem with this is that with the loss of muscle comes the loss of metabolism.  A higher metabolism means more calories are burned.  Muscle tissue requires more calories to exist than fat and thus drives metabolism to a higher rate.

So what is the key to loosing weight and keeping your muscle?  How do you make sure that the weight you loose is fat and not that precious muscle?

The Shaklee Corporation ran a study at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts. The 23 week study involved 68 adults with an average age of 59 who worked out three times a week.  The workouts involved light to moderate weight lifting and cardiovascular exercise.  Half of the participants were given a protein drink enhanced with luciene after the workout.  Luciene is an amino acid that has been used by athletes to maintain muscle mass during periods of heavy training.  The half of the participants who worked out and drank the protein with luciene lost 50% more weight and gained 25% more muscle than the participants who simply worked out.   They clearly had better toned bodies and better, faster metabolism.  This study indicates that a luciene-enhanced protein drink can help one maintain muscle mass and even build more muscle tissue.

This drink deserves a try when weight loss is needed.

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