Shaklee distributor in Dallas talks about the nutrition density of food.

Shaklee distributor in Dallas talks about the nutrition density of food.

Information from the FDA indicates that the nutritional values of our food has declined by 38% since 1950.  So for sixty years, the nutrition we think we are getting just isn’t there.  Much of this is due to the farming methods now used in America.

If you think about it, we are trying to feed more and more people from the same amount of farm land or less.  What is happening is a change in practices to force more crops, while not maintaining the nutritional levels of the food grown.

The soils have been depleted because year after year the same crop is grown and sometimes there is a second planting of the crop during a year’s time. Most farmers (and most farmers are large conglomerates) don’t want their fields to lay fallow, so they optimize their yield by replanting as soon as possible.  Do not even get me started on the genetically modified organisms (GMO) that are now being used to produce crops that can survive the onslaught of dangerous Monsanto Round-up herbicides.

Other factors effecting our food’s nutrient levels are harvest time, shipping and storage.  Because we want all foods to be available all year round, they must be harvested, shipped and stored away until the demand is there for them.  The harvesting is often done prior to the crop reaching its nutritional peak.  It starts out with a deficiency then is shipped, packaged and storage is sub-optimal.  Often times the storage is not conducive to continued nutritional development.  Generally it is quite the contrary.

So think about this the next time you are buying groceries.  Trying to buy organic is a great idea, but still the bang for your buck is lacking-38% less than what it was 60 years ago.

While meal planners try to get you on a great eating program, there just is not way to get all you need in even good healthy food choices.  All this is my argument for nutritional supplements.  So, my recommendation is to supplement your food intake with well-researched, impeccably-manufactured and rigorously-tested vitamins.  My company of choice is Shaklee.

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