Shaklee distributor in Dallas relates the detoxing benefits of dietary fiber.

Shaklee distributor in Dallas relates the detoxing benefits of dietary fiber.
Most of us know we need fiber in our diet. There is soluble fiber and non-soluble fiber. When the toxins are released from our cells into the blood they are carried to the liver for removal from the body. The liver removes the toxins from the blood and sends them to the intestine in what is called bile. Hopefully at this point, we have enough soluble fiber in our system to carry the bile and unwanted toxins out of our bodies. If there is no soluble fiber, the toxins get reabsorbed back into the blood and re-circulate through our system requiring another cycle through the liver detoxification process.
This can cause a buildup of unwanted material in the system causing the body to be increasingly toxic.  The overload of toxic material can lead to many inflammatory diseases such as intestinal inflammation, skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis and gallbladder disease.

When there is adequate soluble fiber in the digestive system, the toxin-laden bile attaches to this fiber and is eliminated from the body.  When this happens, the liver must create more bile.  Because cholesterol is a component of bile, it is drawn from the blood stream for this process to happen.  This is beneficial because the blood levels of cholesterol are lowered in the process.

Fiber supplementation is important because most Americans do not eat the recommended 5 to 9 vegetables and fruits each day.  There are many on the market, but the one I use and recommend is Shaklee’s Fiber Plan.   There is also a meal replacement that is rich in soluble fiber as well.  It is called Cinch Shakes and is a well-balanced health drink that is low in calories, fat and carbohydrates, yet high in fiber. 
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