Shaklee Distributor in Dallas looks at the notion of healthy AND overweight.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas looks at the notion of healthy AND overweight.

The notion that one can be overweight and free of dangers of future cardiac problems has many proponents and many antagonists.  Current research tends to point to the side of those who do not feel this is a safe assumption.

Previous thinking was that if one were overweight yet had “healthy” numbers for biomarkers for blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, there was no reason they should necessarily have to loose weight.

One study published in the journal Circulation by Swedish researchers examined 1700 middle-aged men.  These subjects were measured at the age of 50 and were followed for 30 years.  Some were normal weight, some were overweight and some were obese.  Each group had individuals who had normal metabolic profiles and those who had metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome means three or more of these conditions are present:  impaired ability to handle blood sugar, high blood pressure, elevated blood fats, low HDL and a large waist circumference.

At no surprise, those who were overweight and had metabolic syndrome were quite unhealthy.  But, the study found that being overweight with no evidence of metabolic syndrome indicated a significantly higher risk for heart disease than if, with the same metabolic readings, one was at normal weight.

Similar findings came from studies of women and, get this, bulky professional football players.

Fat cells can release inflammatory molecules which increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.  They may also interfere with muscle functions.

The message is clear: being overweight, even if you have sterling blood-cholesterol levels or a firm commitment to exercise, does increase your risk of heart disease.

You should probably try to loose those extra pounds and get your body mass index to 25 or below.

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