Shaklee distributor in Dallas discusses Thanksgiving and weight gain.

Shaklee distributor in Dallas discusses Thanksgiving and weight gain.

Next month, someone you know will walk into the dining room just as they did last year.  The difference this year is that they will be carrying more weight than they did last year.  This is not good for their health–physically or mentally.

It is important that this yearly weight gain, however small in increments, is slowly deteriorating their health unless they are seriously under weight.  While a pound or two each year doesn’t seem like much, over time it can move one from overweight to obesity.

We all should find a weight loss program that works to maintain muscle mass, causes fat loss and builds our health to a higher standard.  One such plan is the Cinch Inch Loss Plan from Shaklee.  With this plan, one can get through the holidays maintaining current weight levels or even reducing body fat.

Think of someone you know who is serious about changing the direction that the numbers on the scale are going year after year.  Send them a link to this site and encourage them to check out the Cinch Plan.  You will both feel better.

Dallas Health Helpers is a Shaklee distributor in Dallas who is concerned about the overuse of quick fixes and drugs to obtain health.  For more information, call us at 214.252.9596 or email us at TIM at DALLASHEALTHHELPERS dot COM. We are happy to help move you from being  just okay to having your own optimal health.

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