Shaklee Distributor in Dallas discusses a healthy digestive tract.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas discusses a healthy digestive tract.

Our digestive tract is the gateway by which nutrients pass into our body. When this “gateway” is not efficient or disrupted in any way, our health suffers. Nutrients are vital to our health and wellness. Life depends on the intake, processing and utilization of vitamins and minerals. Each process is very important and no one of them should be overlooked.

Intake is important because if the nutrients aren’t there in the first place, how can the other two functions take place? Sadly most of us are on a S.A.D. program. That is the Standard American Diet. It is sad because it is highly lacking in nutrition. We Americans generally make poor food choices by utilizing fast, easy to obtain selections. These highly processed, pre-fab foods have had most of their nutritional value processed out of them. Even persons who make good choices will find themselves lacking in nutrients due to the deteriorating growing conditions and soil health.

Processing of vitamins and minerals is of importance because most nutrients are introduced to the body in a form that needs to be altered so the utilization can take place. This is a very complex aspect of health because there are many different processing activities for many different raw materials that are presented to the body for utilization. Some nutrients are best processed in the stomach, some are only absorbed in the upper intestine, and some are of value only in the lower intestine.

Proper utilization of your food is almost a “which comes first, the chicken or the egg” question. Keeping the absorption and proper functioning of all the internal organs is of utmost importance. If they are all healthy, they will be better able to do their job. As each organ does its individual function with a healthy supply of raw materials, it will continue to build and maintain its vitality. If the healthy supply of raw materials is interrupted for extended periods of time, the organs will begin to deteriorate and their functionality will be compromised, leading to disease.

The best place to start building a healthy digestive tract is to start with good, clean food, supported with nutritional supplements. There are also corrective measures that can be taken with the proper, safe herbal products from The Shaklee Corporation.

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