Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, Dallas Health Helpers, discusses the process of aging externally..

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, Dallas Health Helpers, discusses external aging.

Aging happens inside and out.  Today, let’s look at the process of  aging externally and what can we do to keep our skin and muscles as youthful and healthy looking as possible.

Aging Gracefully
Aging Gracefully

We all know that exercise and eating good foods is important to maintaining good muscle tone and functionality.  So, keep working on those aspects of health. It is not just your biceps and quadriceps that benefit from it.  Your skin shows benefits from exercise and good food.

You also want to examine what you are putting on your skin.  We all know that the skin is very absorbent.  That is evidenced by the trans-dermal patches that are wide use in the medical field.  These small pieces of fabric that attach to the skin with an adhesive allow us to alleviate pain with a morphine patch, stop smoking with a patch and even avoid unwanted pregnancies with a patch.

It stands to reason that chemicals and other things we don’t want in our bodies do get there through the skin.  That is why it is important that we carefully choose what we deliberately put on our skin and what we unconsciously expose to our skin.

We deliberately use soaps and lotions on our skins to get that youthful and healthy look.  But are the products in wide manufacture pure and chemical-free? Do some of their ingredients cause harm to the cells?

We also expose our bodies to undesirable elements without much consideration about where they may come from.  What do you wash your clothes in?  Is that detergent that smells so good free of harmful phosphates and other man-made chemicals that may even cause cancer?   Are you cleaning your bathroom with products that have fumes hidden behind a pleasant scent?  What are these things doing to your lungs, slowly and imperceptibly?

There is a video called Toxic Brew. Click here to view it.

Here is one on cosmetics:  Click here to view it.

So where is relief?  Click here to find safety assurance.

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