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Free yourself with your own Business

What’s next for you?

Not only is  Health  Helpers involved in building your health, we also help you build wealth.  As a Gold Ambassador Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, we are business developers and trainers. Wonder how you will survive your retirement?  Or the next down-size, lay-off or industry turn-down? We, at  Health
 have the solution for you!

Royalties and commissions.

Jealous of those actors from the TV Show Friends, who are paid  royalties each time their show is played as a re-run?   How would you feel if your high school teacher was paid a  commission  of your income for the rest of your life? When you train others to do what we teach you to do, you begin to qualify for residual income from the people you get started in business.

Use your ambition to get paid.  TO INFINITY!!

With our Business Model, you get paid for what you start,  for the people you train —  not what you do on the clock.  Shaklee’s new Dream Plan, launched in August, 2010 will blow your mind.  Learn of  the  infinite  possibilities for YOU in a “home-based business”.

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