Green is cheaper

Does it make sense that going green is cheaper? When you think about using eco-safe products what comes to mind first?  You are not alone if you thing that using more earth-friendly products is more expensive than conventional cleaning products.

There is a way to see that green is cheaper.  Think about the cleaning products you buy at the store. They are usually Red Aztec Lilly. Beauty from nature that is treated well. Green is cheaperpackaged in a plastic bottle.  They are formulated to use as is, meaning you don’t have to add water because it is already diluted with water from the manufacturer.  Once you have used the product you will toss the bottle into a recycling bin (hopefully) or into the trash (sadly).  What you have just paid for is water from the factory that was shipped at great expense.  You have just paid for and disposed of another plastic container that has to be delt with either by disposal or recycling.

When you purchase Mrs. Mey..’s or 7th Gen******* products  you are getting biodegradable and non-toxic products.  You are also getting water and a new plastic bottle each time.  That is not maximizing your efforts to going green.  It is also not helping you have a smaller carbon footprint.

Consider using a concentrated cleaning product that is biodegradable and has no scent or harmful chemicals; one that is sustainably sourced.  There is only one bottle that would be used for up to 2 years in a normal Green is cheaper when you use Shaklee Productshousehold.  You have about 3 spray bottles that you use over and over during these 2 years.  How many bottles have you saved the landfill or recycling center from having to deal with? Quite a few I would guess.   You are also paying only one shipping fee instead of going to the store over and over and hoping you remember to buy the products.

Make life easy. Make going green cheaper.  Use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners for your home.  Its better for you, your pets, your home and your earth.

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