Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee distributor in Dallas, wonders what can we do for earth day.

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee distributor in Dallas, wonders what can we do for earth day.


Each year at this time, Earth Day rolls around and many of us have great aspirations to do things to help conserve our natural resources like water and trees and grass and icebergs and rainforests and oceans.   But often we feel that what we are doing is not enough.  After all, what does 3 minutes of running water while we brush our teeth do to harm the planet.  It’s just clear water, right?

It is “just clear water”, but what did it take to make it clear and safe for human consumption?  Think about how many toxins have found their way into our water and the cost of removing them (or most of them!).  If we are running water unnecessarily it will go back eventually into the water supply, be exposed again to the toxins and have to be “purified” again for safe use.  It turns into a vicious cycle that costs your local municipality more and more each go around.

  • Step 1 is to cut your water use as much and as often as possible. You know the drill: shorter showers, fewer and larger loads of laundry, conservative lawn irrigation.
  • Step 2 is to cut your pollution into the water supply.  This may be in the form of over fertilizing your lawn where the excess goes through the gutter system back into the water system.  It may be in the form of the products you use to clean your home.  It has been said more than once that the pollution coming from households is far greater than the obvious pollutions coming from industry.
  • Step 3 is to plan ahead.  Making certain that all your family knows actions that will cut your water usage and what pollutes the water.  Water for your teeth, body, clothes and lawn should be used judiciously by all members of your household.


Regarding Step 2, consider using earth-friendly, green products in your home.  I highly recommend Shaklee’s Get Clean products.  They are excellent green products and the cost is less than conventional cleaners, even with the shipping. They are so concentrated you will be using your first bottle or box for a very long time.  You can buy a smart Starter Kit or individual items.


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