Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee distributor in Dallas, looks at Vitamin D deficiency.

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee distributor in Dallas, looks at Vitamin D deficiency.


A five year study of young girls aged nine to fifteen years old showed a relationship between low levels of vitamin d and stress fractures.  The study included 6712 adolescent girls across the United States.


The mothers of the girls were questioned every 12 to 24 months between 1996 and 2001 regarding the subjects’ food intake.


During 7 years of follow-up, 3.9% of the girls developed a stress fracture. Dairy and calcium intakes were unrelated to risk of developing a stress fracture. However, vitamin D intake was inversely related to stress fracture risk. A stratified analysis was conducted to estimate the association between vitamin D intake and stress fracture risk among girls participating in at least 1 hour per day of high-impact activity.  Ninety percent of those in whom the stress fractures occurred, a higher vitamin D intake predicted significantly lower risk of stress fracture.


The conclusion is that Vitamin D intake is associated with lower stress fracture risk among adolescent girls who engage in high levels of high-impact activity. Neither calcium intake nor dairy intake was prospectively associated with stress fracture risk.


So my question now is, are you getting enough vitamin d?  Common sourses include cod liver oil, salmon, swordfish, tuna, sardines and egg yolks.  Many foods are fortified with vitamin D, so it is evident that it is hard to get the amount we need in the normal foods we eat.


In 2010, the recommended daily allowance was set at 400 international units.  However many studies have shown that much more vitamin D3 is useful in protecting and building health.  Factors that determine the amount any one individual needs include age, latitude, season, outdoor activities and food intake.  You can take the Vitamin D quiz by clicking here.


Unless you are a cod liver oil fan, supplementation is necessary to get the amount recommended and suggested.   Try this source for guaranteed potency and purity- http://HealthHeleprs.MyShaklee.com .

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