Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee distributor in Dallas asks What’s in your wallet? Er, medicine cabinet

Dallas Health Helpers, Shaklee distributor in Dallas asks What’s in your wallet? Er, medicine cabinet!!

Many of us can open our cabinets in the bathroom and find a plethora of over-the-counter medications.  These may range from the simple aspirin to products for stomach ache to diarrhea to joint pain. There are cold remedies, ointments for fever blisters and acid reflux  remedies. And this is only the over-the-counter list.

How do we avoid having all these cures that aren’t really cures at all.  Generally, all the aforementioned products may simply attempt to have an affect on the symptoms, not a cure for the original condition.

Let’s look at some natural steps we can take to help avoid and possibly prevent the need for over the counter symptom soothers.

First of all, if you have a headache stop and think about the amount of water you have drank during the day and how good has your nutrition been for the day?  Enough water and good-for-you food can help prevent that headache from starting.  If you have a stomach situation going on, what have you eaten out of the ordinary?  Under what conditions? (Stress) Have you eaten good fruits and vegetables with good enzymes in them?  If not, you might want to add EZ Gest and Stomach Soothing Complex to your medicine cabinet, or more appropriately, to your vitamin regimen.  Throw in some daily OptiFlora for good Probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Got muscle soreness and joint pain?  Again, are you getting enough water?  Are you warming up before exercise?  Try Joint and Muscle Pain Creme, Joint Health Complex and Pain Relief Complex.  Used daily from your vitamin shelf, the latter two offer amazing results very quickly that will stay with you and prevent future occurrences.

Tired of eating toasted oat cereal that claims to help lower cholesterol? Add to your vitamin shelf Cholesterol Reduction Complex, which has the FDA approval to claim that it helps lower cholesterol. No may; it helps.

These are just a few things you can do to prevent lessen the need for over the counter drugs that may only mask symptoms and do nothing for the root cause.   Be aware that these suggestions are not meant to diagnose or treat illness.  Contact your physician if you are unsure.

Increase the size of your vitamin shelf in the kitchen and use that medicine cabinet for important things in your bathroom–like hair gel!!


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