Dallas Alternative Nutritional Supplement Source Tim Wallace of Dallas Health Helpers warns of meal skipping consequences.

Dallas Alternative Nutritional Supplement Source Tim Wallace of Dallas Health Helpers warns of meal skipping consequences.

On any given day, 10-30 % kids skip breakfast and 20% of adults skip breakfast.

According to the National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey, (NHANES) breakfast consumption is lowest among adolescents and young adults.  Only sixty two percent of twenty-something men and 71% of twenty-something women eat breakfast.

Some breakfast skippers think it is a short cut to losing a few pounds.  Others just don’t think it is important enough to make time.  This is faulty reasoning because skipping breakfast  can back fire on the weight loss efforts, but it can also have negative impacts on your short term and long term future health.  It also has detrimental affects on your mental performance and mood.

Breakfast isn’t the only meal that, when skipped, can turn your dietary day into a train wreck that can derail your efforts at dieting or your attempts to eat healthy, well-balanced meals to fuel a day of good performance.

Missing breakfast can be the beginning of a day long fiasco, nutritionally speaking.  This extended “fast” that you are creating can negatively impact your metabolism and your neural/hormonal balance.  Impacting the cognitive functions, breakfast not only fuels your muscles, but also your brain.  Thus, it is  very important to have breakfast, especially for children.

Breakfast can also a very dense source of nutrients even though it generally only accounts for 15% of the daily caloric intake.   Many breakfast foods are fortified with extra nutrients.  NHANES also reported that adults who skip breakfast have the lowest levels of key micro nutrients.  Another study showed that those who skipped breakfast did not meet the recommended daily allowance for vitamins. Their odds for overall nutritional inadequacy were 2 to 5 times higher than those who did eat breakfast.

So,  not eating breakfast cheats your body of key nutrients needed for you to function at your best.

One great way to get a good nutritional start to your day is with Cinch Shakes from the Shaklee Corporation.  These drinks, when mixed with non-fat milk pack a load of dense nutritional value in around 280 calories or less.  They are quick and easy to use and are great for adults and children.

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