Dallas Alternative Nutritional Supplement Source Tim Wallace, of Dallas Health Helpers, recommends more vitamin D.

Dallas Alternative Nutritional Supplement Source Tim Wallace, of Dallas Health Helpers, recommends more vitamin D.

Previously considered a nutrient of minimal importance, vitamin D has recently been the subject of much research and investigation.  Most of us think of vitamin D as that “thing that milk is fortified with” to increase sales.  The fact is that vitamin D is important for the assimilation of calcium into the body.

New research has revealed that vitamin D, actually a hormone, is an important factor in many other functions of the body.  Of great interest is its effects on the respiratory system.  One study showed that children who had high blood levels of vitamin D were 33% less likely to experience a cold or upper respiratory infection.

Other beneficial implications for high blood levels of vitamin D include the risk reduction for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.  The vitamin D seems to inhibit prostate growth in BPH patients.

In cancer, Vitamin D tends to inhibit inappropriate division of cells and metastasis, regulate proteins that effect tumor growth and reduce blood vessel formation around tumors.  Bladder, brain, breast and colon and rectal cancers are showing evidence that vitamin D is beneficial in those cases.

Vitamin D has also been shown to help the body maintain adequate insulin levels.  Suggestions are that supplementation can increase insulin levels in those with type 2 diabetes.  Prolonged use of supplementation may help reduce blood sugar levels.

The list goes on and on and is still growing.  Keep watching the news, papers and magazines.  You will see more and more about the benefits of Vitamin D.

While the recommended daily intake in the United States is 400 i.u. of vitamin D, research indicates that more is more effective.  One supplement company feels so strongly about the importance of Vitamin D that they have increased the amounts in their multivitamin to 1000 to 1200 i.u.

The bottom line is that Vitamin D is becoming a household word and will soon have the respect that vitamin C enjoys.  So consider spending a little time in the sun each day without sunscreen and using a high quality natural Vitamin supplement with lots of vitamin D.

Dallas Health Helpers is dedicated to providing useful information and assisting persons to a live a vital and productive life.  We are located in Uptown Dallas, but our reach is world wide.

Dallas Alternative Nutritional Supplement Source, Tim Wallace of Dallas Health Helpers is located in Uptown Dallas, but our effects are far reaching.  We have been in the health field for over 26 years.  We offer nutrition counseling, massage therapy and licensed professional psychotherapy counseling.

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