Customer care

A health care professional is consulting with a patient about blood pressure. I am not a nurse or doctor, but a health coach and Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Texas.Last week I spoke with two of my customers who needed some customer care.  Each of them had a new issue with their health. During our conversation we explored what is going on and what their fears are.  After the discussion, I coached them on what would be the best route to go with in using supplements. They were both happy with their decision.

I also called the home office on behalf of another two of my customers. They needed an adjustment on their order that had just gone out. As suspected, the company was quick to make the needed changes.  Once again, my customers were happy.

I am pleased to be in the gap between my customers and the home office, providing exemplary customer care.  I will go to bat for them to be sure they get the appropriate products and the best price available.

Confusion is often the biggest emotion when shopping for health supplements in the health food store, grocery store or even pharmacy.If you know someone who gets confused and overwhelmed at the health-food store, I can help.  I make things easier.

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