Giving care to a loved one or even a patient can be exhausting.  Whether the subject is an elderly individual or a child, the constant need for care is daunting.  It is so important that those of us who are supplying that need take care of ourselves and avoid caregiver fatigue.

We must be mindful of our inner feelings as well as our physical status. Letting either of these go unchecked can lead to a burnout condition where we feel trapped with no way out.  It is important to stop and take an inventory of our emotional state as well as our body’s condition.

If you are a caregiver, please take a couple of minutes to center yourself.  Wherever you are, sit comfortably and take a couple of deep breaths.  Notice how your body reacts to the easy breaths.  Continue the breathing at a deep and satisfying rate.  Check in with your body again and be aware of the positive changes that are happening with this breathing pattern.

Please use this technique frequently.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, please reach out to someone for support. Remember: If you are in a poor condition of health you will not be able to fully care for those in your charge.

Peace be with you.

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