building a healthy immune system

Immunity is important to maintain immune system healthKeeping a healthy immune system is crucial to long term health.  Besides those nasty little bugs that cause sneezes and wheezes, your immune system also fights off major illnesses, even cancer.  A weakened immune system also hampers day to day activities from work to play and restful sleep.

Basic health rules apply to the immune system.

  • Eat well
  • Exercise daily
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Laugh as often as possible

Our eating habits and routines often do not provide what we need for daily living and immune health.  Instead, choose a well-balanced variety of vegetables and fruits as the first step to building health, energy and immunity. You will also want to take the right nutritional supplements. These will help to fill in the gaps of your daily food intake for nutrition.

Many nutritional components need to be in place.  Vitamins b, c and zinc are important.  And do you have the nutrients to help your body formulate interferon? Interferon is a key component of the body’s self defense system and is naturally produced by a healthy, well-nourished body. It is even offered to cancer patients in high doses.   Normally those high doses are more than is needed by average, healthy persons. Interferon is produced and activated by the body in the time of need rather than over producing, It is kept at a safe level until the requirement is present.

It is a better plan to give your body the components it needs to produce it’s own natural interferon. That production cannot happen without the needed raw materials (nutrients).

Interferon is simply crucial to healthy immune function. Support yours right at the cellular level with Shaklee NutriFeron®.