Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, Dallas Health Helpers, talks about long-term health.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas, Dallas Health Helpers, talks about long-term health.


March is National Nutrition Month.  Big Whoop!!  I am so glad the nation or who ever sets these months as official, brings the idea of being conscious of our nutrition to the forefront of our minds.

But I think that we should be concerned about our health on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, not just one month.  We should be looking at all aspects of health every day; concerns such as what we are eating, how much sleep we are getting, are we exercising frequently and are we getting enough water to drink.

There is a lot of maintenance to keeping our bodies functioning properly for as long as we are here.  That means time out of each day dedicated to our long-term health and well- being.  Many people take more time and money to keep their car, dog or even their home functioning properly.  The sad fact is that the home you really live in, your body, is often neglected or takes a back seat to other aspects of your life.

There is an old saying that if you don’t make time for your body now, it will take time from you later.  That may mean a shortened lifespan or more time in bed incapacitated.  Neither is a viable outcome in my opinion.

Even though it may not fit into your picture of the perfect day, spend some time doing maintenance on your body.  Here are four simple things to do:

  • Instead of having your car washed, do it yourself or go for a brisk walk.
  • Turn off the TV and read a book in order to get better sleep.
  • Keep a large glass or bottle of water handy so you can keep track of the ounces you drink.
  • Plan your food intake for the week so you get good nutrition and avoid “emergency” stops at not-so-healthy places.

Remember that your body is really where you live.  Take good care of it and it will serve you well.

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