Shaklee Distributor in Dallas says the yo-yo is a no-no.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas says the yo-yo is a no-no.

Many people treat their health like a toy.  The yo-yo comes to mind when it comes to weight loss and maintenance.  It also brings about the old routine of joining a gym and going for a month or so then dropping off completely.

Neither of these is a good plan for long term health. Yo-yo dieting is harmful to current and future health.  Besides the current stress it puts on the body, it may also cause long term damage to our organs and our metabolism-in general, the way the body functions day to day on an ongoing basis.

Any diet that promises quick weight loss in a short period of time, one that encourages a drastic change in eating habits and lifestyle is probably not a good choice. If a diet is not something that you could follow for the rest of your life, it may not be the one for you.

A good weight loss program is one that you can see yourself following with ease and consistency.  One that will allow you to live your life without disengaging from people and activities you enjoy.

One such plan I have used for myself and others with great success is the Cinch Plan from Shaklee.  Click here for details.

Dallas Health Helpers is a Shaklee distributor in Dallas that focuses on total wellness without the use of drugs or synthetics.  Email us at TIM at DALLASHEALTHHELPERS dot COM  or call us at 214 252 9596 for more information.

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