Shaklee Distributor in Dallas explores calorie restriction.

Shaklee Distributor in Dallas explores calorie restriction.

During the holiday season, you may ask someone to lunch.  The reply may well be that “I am not having lunch today.  I am saving my calories for the party tonight.”  This is not a good plan.  It affects the metabolism, mood and mental  functions.  If the body is in a famine mode, things slow down to preserve energy.  This includes our thinking and physical functioning.  And we all know of someone who gets really testy when they are hungry.

Think of alternatives to starving yourself in preparation for a big onslaught of calories.  Keeping your nutrition levels up during the day will have you in a better mood for the party or dinner and you will be more enjoyable to be around.  Start off with a good healthy breakfast.  After all, you hopefully did not do any sleep eating, so it has been a few hours since you ate last.  Make sure that breakfast includes some low fat protein.  Remember that you don’t need to load up for five hours of energy.  Plan for a snack mid morning.  Again, keep the calories coming in at a low, but steady pace through the day. 

A smart lunch is also in order. The tendency to skip lunch has the same effects as skipping breakfast.  We weren’t meant to eat only one meal per day. So keep the nutrition coming. Don’t forget the afternoon snack as well.  Snack does not mean something from the vending machine wrapped in cellophane.

Eating moderately throughout the day will keep you from being the ravenous guest at the party who can’t seem to move away from the food table.  Take some time to mingle with other guests.  You’ll never know what connections you may make.

My recommendations for breakfast or lunch substitutions are Shaklee Cinch Shakes or Shaklee Meal Bars. They are very convenient and pack a wallop of nutrition in less than 280 calories.

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