side effects of statins

Many people have high levels of cholesterol in this country.  Sometimes those numbers are very high and some are just borderline high.  Many medical professionals like to prescribe statin drugs to lower these high levels, without a look at the long term side effects of statins. Statins work to blunt the production of cholesterol in the liver.

Some of the common side effects of statins include muscle loss, raised blood pressure and decreased mental function.  Who wants these side effects?  These side effects of statins can be debilitating and can really decrease the quality of life.


Instead of enduring the side effects of statins, why not take a TLC approach.  By TLC, I mean Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.  Here are some of the choices to make within the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes:

  • Cut your daily calories from saturated fat to less than 7 percent.
  • Eat less than 200 mg a day of cholesterol
  • Increase your soluble fiber intake to 10-25 grams per day.
  • Take in no more than 25–35 percent of daily calories from total fat (this includes saturated fat calories)
  • Maintain a healthy weight by not overeating.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of a moderate intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking, on most, and preferably all, days of the week.
  • Add 2 grams per day of plant stanols and sterols to your diet. In most cases that will require some degree of supplementation.

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Healthy waistline leads to healthy heart

Healthy waist healthy heart

It is not all about looking good. It is about good, long term health and that health can begin with a healthy waistline.  Why not feel better and enjoy life more?

Losing as little as 5-10 lbs can actually lower your risk of heart disease. In fact, in one study blood pressure decreased, there was increase in good HDL cholesterol, and a drop in bad triglycerides. So, can we count you in for 10 lbs off?  Get to a healthy waistline.  Join our 40K Weight Loss Challenge today!

Have a convenient smoothee meal

Balancing mealsIt is a challenge to get the planning, shopping and cooking done.  It costs time and money.  Not to mention if you are not inclined to spend time in the kitchen.  Even when you do have plenty of time, money and inclination to cook, are you sure that what you are eating is healthy?

One solution I  have found to get excellent nutrition for a very little time at a bargain price with no cooking and cleaning to do is with the Lean and Healthy Kit from Shaklee.  It is so easy to have a smoothee meal.

A Shaklee 180 smoothee in the morning with a strip of Vitalizer Vitamins and I have a great foundation for a great day.   Check out the Lean and Healthy Kit right here.

Late day workouts

Do you ever want to workout, but feel too run down at the end of your work day?  Your nutrition during the day may play as big a part as how stressed your day has been.

Keep your energy up.

Shaklee Vitalizing Protein has 23 vitamins and minerals, with antioxidant and omega-3 support.

Better yet, it has over 23 grams of protein when made as directed and 6 grams of fiber to help keep you full and help power your day.

People, this is the evolution of a well-balanced meal. And it comes in two flavors!

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Vitamin D is the new vitamin C

Sky Background darker

Vitamin D is the new vitamin C.  It seems to be getting a lot of press lately and for good reason. More and more research is revealing the activities in the body that vitamin d is involved in. And research shows that those low in vitamin D are at a 35% greater risk of dying from heart disease.

And there many opinions about how much vitamin d we need to take.

  • Do you live in the north or south?
  • Is it winter or summer?
  • Do you use sunscreen?
  • Do you have a dark complexion or light one?
  • Do you have a well-balanced diet?

And these are just some of the criteria. There is one more thing that has recently come to light.

  • Is your bodyweight appropriate?

Yes this has something to do with the amount of Vitamin D supplements you need to take.   As it turns out, overweight people need to double the amount of Vitamin D they take. If they are in the obese category, they need to triple the amount.

Why is that?

It seems that because vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, it can easily be removed from the blood stream and stored in the fat cells. This process takes Vitamin D out of circulation where it does its magic. And the more fat in the body, the more vitamin d is removed from the bloodstream, limiting its accessibility to the needed metabolic functions it performs and assists with.

So think about how your body type affects the amount of nutrients you need to be healthy. Examine your lifestyle and take small steps to getting healthier.

This is a link to the study that indicates that weight does have a bearing on the amount of vitamin d you may need:

Do take a look at your Vitamin D consumption from your food. When you find that you are not getting enough, get yourself on a good Vitamin d Supplement.