Travel in digestive peace

Many people are now planning their spring and summer vacations. They are spending lots of money on airfare, hotels, local attractions and activities and. . . .food.

But what if that food does not agree with you? Have you ever been away on vacation and had to walk around, trying to enjoy yourself while feeling nausea or stomach cramping? Or worse yet, stuck in an expensive hotel room feeling badly while everyone else is out having a good time?

How about some planning that will help avoid those vacation stomach episodes?

I recommend packing some digestive supplements just in case a disagreement arises between you and your vacation food.  Here are some good items to consider:


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Stomach Soothing Complex

Comprised of ginger, peppermint and anise, this product offers fast relief from an upset stomach.

EZ Gest

This product provides digestive enzymes that help to process hard-to-digest foods, those that are eaten rarely and those that usually cause digestion issues.

OptiFlora DI

This is an excellent probiotic that helps to replenish and maintain healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.  It is essential on a vacation when upset turns to diarrhea.  It is a good idea to take it daily, on vacation or not, to maintain a healthy gut.

Get on board for a fun, comfortable vacation.  Buy all three here.Buy all three here.   Buy all three here.

Cleanse and detox your body

It’s that after-Thanksgiving feeling.  I’ve eaten too much.  I feel bloated, overweight and miserable. What’s more, my stomach and digestive system feel overworked, tired and ill-functioning.  Can you relate?  Do I need a cleanse?

What do I do? How do I fix this?  Is there a remedy?

There are some things that I can do to get back on track.

  1. Drink plenty of water. Giving my body enough fluids will help it to function better all the way around.  I am probably dehydrated from all the activity that happened around Thanksgiving.
  2. Make better eating choices. Certainly backing off the pies and deserts is important.  I also will be eating more plant-based foods.  While I always avoid beef and pork, I will limit other animal proteins as well.
  3. Exercise more. Thanksgiving week got me off my workout routine, so I will resume my personal program to get my body functioning better.
  4. I will be doing a cleanse next week. It will give my body a good rest from all the excessive and rich food.  I will also be better prepared of the rest of the holiday season’s traps of opportunities to over indulge.

Feel better in 7 days

The immune system produces antibodies to fight antigens.

The immune system produces antibodies to fight antigens.

With the weather changing, our bodies must fight to keep healthy.  The dips in temperatures and the increasing and decreasing humidity levels wreak havoc on our immune systems.  Our bodies try to heat us up and cool us down, all in the same day!

This weather transition also causes us to be in closer proximity with others.  Germs and pathogens are more easily passed from one to another.  The atmospheric conditions often will be a good place for these contaminates to live and prosper.

The eyes can reveal the cold or other sickness cause by weak immunity.The difference between a person who catches every bug that comes along and those who seem to always be on top of their game is a strong immune system.  We should all take steps to support our immune systems so they are ready to attack any antigen that gets into our body.  Antigens are foreign invaders such as parasites, viruses, fungi, or bacteria.  The body produces antibodies to fight for our health.  Antibodies can also be produced if the body mistakes its own cell tissue as an invader.

Some simple steps to enhance your immune response include:

  • Getting enough sleep.  This is your body’s repair time.
  • Drink plenty of water.  Being hydrated will allow your immune system to get moving faster if there is an attack.
  • Eat well and eat often.  Choosing the right foods and avoiding strong hunger will keep your motor running on high octane.
  • Exercise regularly.  This helps increase circulation and will help get any toxins out and oxygen and nutrition flowing throughout you body, helping it to be more responsive.
  • Take your vitamins daily..  Having the right “raw materials” will give your immunity what it needs to go through all its processes.  A multivitamin is the basic.  Also needed are vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants.

Regular Exercise helps with circulation which boosts the immune response.



Fruits and vegetables provide a great source of antioxidants.These simple steps, taken now before true winter starts, will help keep you functioning and working and happy.  And the people around you will be happier to see you healthy rather than sneezing, sniffling, or . . .worse.

Be well. Perform well. Stay well.

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