The immune system produces antibodies to fight antigens.

The immune system produces antibodies to fight antigens.

With the weather changing, our bodies must fight to keep healthy.  The dips in temperatures and the increasing and decreasing humidity levels wreak havoc on our immune systems.  Our bodies try to heat us up and cool us down, all in the same day!

This weather transition also causes us to be in closer proximity with others.  Germs and pathogens are more easily passed from one to another.  The atmospheric conditions often will be a good place for these contaminates to live and prosper.

The eyes can reveal the cold or other sickness cause by weak immunity.The difference between a person who catches every bug that comes along and those who seem to always be on top of their game is a strong immune system.  We should all take steps to support our immune systems so they are ready to attack any antigen that gets into our body.  Antigens are foreign invaders such as parasites, viruses, fungi, or bacteria.  The body produces antibodies to fight for our health.  Antibodies can also be produced if the body mistakes its own cell tissue as an invader.

Some simple steps to enhance your immune response include:

  • Getting enough sleep.  This is your body’s repair time.
  • Drink plenty of water.  Being hydrated will allow your immune system to get moving faster if there is an attack.
  • Eat well and eat often.  Choosing the right foods and avoiding strong hunger will keep your motor running on high octane.
  • Exercise regularly.  This helps increase circulation and will help get any toxins out and oxygen and nutrition flowing throughout you body, helping it to be more responsive.
  • Take your vitamins daily..  Having the right “raw materials” will give your immunity what it needs to go through all its processes.  A multivitamin is the basic.  Also needed are vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants.

Regular Exercise helps with circulation which boosts the immune response.



Fruits and vegetables provide a great source of antioxidants.These simple steps, taken now before true winter starts, will help keep you functioning and working and happy.  And the people around you will be happier to see you healthy rather than sneezing, sniffling, or . . .worse.

Be well. Perform well. Stay well.

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What is self respect?


Respect is something that is developed and nurtured.  Respect for one’s self and for others is a valued asset that should not be under appreciated.

Respecting others is often easier to do than taking care of ourselves.  When we respect others, we show them that they are important to us. Wikipedia describes respect as “a positive feeling of esteem or deference for a person or other entity (such as a nation or a religion), and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem. Etc.)  However that shows up, it means a lot to the other person.  This respect shows up in a variety of ways and most of them go without words.  Being kind is a show of respect.  Working within someone’s boundaries is a show of respect.  Being punctual and on time for appointments is a way to show that you respect that person and appreciate their time.

Learn to love what you see in the mirror.

Self respect can be a more difficult matter.  What is self respect? It appears in the way we take care of our selves, how we present to others.  In the way of showing care for others and their wants and needs, we are also showing love and respect for ourselves.

Things that we do for ourselves may appear to us or others as being self-indulgent.  However demonstrating to others that we value ourselves and our own happiness is a great way to show that as we value ourselves, we can also value others.

The following is a list of things that we can and should do for ourselves to show respect for body, mind and soul:

☼     Meditate or pray daily.  Getting into our spiritual selves is important to peace and happiness.  As we meditate more (and more often) we get to a place of stillness and self love and appreciation.


☼     Cultivate good, upstanding  friends.  Association with loving souls helps us to build our own self esteem.   We adapt to our environment, so create a healthy, respectful circle of friends.


☼     Exercise regularly.  Taking time for ourselves to move and relieve stress is a great way to respect ourselves and maintain good health.

☼     Play often.  Let your self go and just do something fun.



☼     Eat healthy foods.  This may not seem to be a way to respect one’s self, but fueling the body with live foods and avoiding processed foods tells your body down to the cellular level that it is loved and respected for what it does continually.   If you cannot or do not eat well, consider supplementing with vitamins and proteins.

Find other ways to develop a sense of respect for yourself and for those around you.  I think you will begin to see your life change for the better.

Dehydrating is a problem, especially in the summer.

Delirium can be a result of dehydrating.Dehydrating is a problem, especially in the summer.  We get more active and the heat causes us to loose more water than in wintertime.  Those who work out doors or whose job requires car travel, visiting clients or making sales calls, can be even more prone to dehydration than others who remain indoors all day. In either case, we all need to be aware of how much fluid we take in each day and how much we may be loosing.

With fluid loss come other losses as well.  Many vital nutrients, especially electrolytes, are lost along with water.  These nutrients drive many vital functions in our bodies and without them, systems don’t function properly or may begin to shut down completely. Serious electrolyte disturbances, such as dehydration and overhydration, may lead to cardiac and neurological complications and, unless they are rapidly resolved, will result in a medical emergency.  Untreated dehydration generally results in delirium, unconsciousness, swelling of the tongue and, in extreme cases, death.

Symptoms of Dehydration can include:

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☼       Headaches

☼       Loss of blood pressure

☼       Dizziness and fainting

Symptoms of Dehydration become noticeable after 2% of one’s normal water volume has been lost. Initially, there is thirst and discomfort, possibly along with loss of appetite and dry skin. Constipation may also be a problem.

Athletes at this stage may suffer a loss of performance of up to 30% and experience flushing, low endurance, rapid heart rates, elevated body temperatures, and rapid onset of fatigue.

Other common symptoms:

At 5 – 6% dehydration           groggy, sleepy, headaches, nausea, tingling in the limbs

At  10 – 15% fluid loss           spastic muscles, shriveled skin, dim vision, reduced, maybe painful urination, delirium

Losses greater than 15%         usually fatal

Can drinking water alone be enough? Make sure you are getting enough fluid replacement, whether you Can drinking water alone deter the symptoms of dehydrating?are an athlete or not.

If you know elderly individuals, please encourage extra fluid intake.  They are susceptible to death by dehydration, especially when combined with overheating situations.

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